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Garage Door Spring Repair Service

Identifying The Need For Garage Door Spring Repair Service

Garage door is considered as one of the most important part of the house, but most people do not pay much attention in maintaining and taking care of it. Periodic checkup and maintenance of your garage door is significant especially if it is the only entrance you have in your house. The most common part of a garage door that easily breaks is the door spring.

When this happens, the garage door might snap suddenly or stop moving. It is very dangerous to be locked up inside the house or to be snapped up by a defective garage door. You should therefore know when to ask help and where to find a reliable garage door repair service center to help you handle this situation.

How Will I Know If My Garage Door Spring Is Broken?

There are two types of door springs found on your garage door; extension springs and torsion springs. The first one is found alongside the door, while the other one is found above the door. It is easy to identify a broken garage door spring because it makes too much noise. If the extension springs are broken, the door will stop moving. If the torsion springs are broken, the door will suddenly fall.

You should test the balance of the door as well. If there is too much friction and noise in moving the door up and down, there might be problems on the extension springs.
Because garage doors are extremely heavy, instruct your family members to stay away from a defective garage door to avoid injuries. Call for a garage door spring repair service right away if you are starting to notice some signs that your garage door is starting to break.

Garage Door Spring

What Will I Do To Prevent My Garage Door Spring From Breaking?

Garage door spring repair is really expensive, as it costs about $150 to $200. There are some ways you can do to save money and make your door spring last longer.

a. Check the parts regularly. You can easily identify defective parts if you are always inspecting the garage door and its parts.

b. Make sure that there are safety cables installed on your garage door. They help contain springs when they break. Call a professional if you can’t find safety cables in your door.

c. Use a silicone-based lubricant in lubricating the springs of your garage door. Clean the corners of the springs to get rid of dusts and grease that may build up and cause rusting. Do this at least twice every year.

d. Have your garage door checked by a technician every 12 months to make sure that there are no defective parts in your garage door.

Proper maintenance and care of your garage doors help in avoiding dangers and inconvenience at home. The life span of garage doors depends on how often you use it, so careful inspection is a must to immediately identify parts that should be repaired. You should also follow the ways on how to properly maintain the springs of your garage door to minimize the expenses required for a garage door spring repair service.